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Aigerim Yersinova-Shuster

Weaving Musical Traditions 


Aigerim is a musician of traditional instruments and a dynamic producer based in the vibrant city of Paris. 


Through her passion for music and artistic endeavors, she proudly shares the rich cultural heritage of the steppe with audiences around the world.


Aigerim's musical journey began early, exploring the enchanting world of Kazakh traditional instruments, including the ancient kobyz. With its two horsehair strings, this instrument creates a unique sound filled with captivating overtones. Once reserved for shamans, Aigerim brings its traditional melodies to life for all to enjoy.


As a versatile multi-instrumentalist, Aigerim effortlessly plays the zhetygen, an ancient harp-like plucked string instrument that now boasts 21 strings. She also skillfully handles the saz-syrnay, an ancient wind instrument known for mimicking the sounds of nature. Not to forget the shan-kobyz, a jaw harp that adds a unique twist to her repertoire. Her time studying in Turkey also introduced her to Turkish instruments like the baglama and kanun, broadening her musical horizons.


Aigerim's shines in solo performances, where she takes audiences on a journey through centuries-old traditional melodies. She's had the privilege of being a soloist with symphony and folk orchestras during a cultural event dedicated to Dédé Korkut, under UNESCO's auspices.


Collaborating with others, Aigerim explores new dimensions of musical expression. In the innovative spectacle "Nomade," she blends her artistry with piano and sand art, creating a captivating fusion of sounds and visuals. 


From duets with French violinists to performances at renowned theaters, she embraces diverse musical genres, including jazz.


Her musical talents have earned her recognition at national and international competitions. Aigerim was recognized as one of the top musician-entrepreneurs in France in 2022 – she the recipient of the #PrixLNO award in the "J'explore" category (#10under30). 


Through her production company, "Art Ambassadeurs," Aigerim strives to promote cultural exchange between Central Asia and Europe. She co-founded the first Kazakh Cultural Centre in France, "Korkut-Abai," a non-profit organization dedicated to the development of cultural and educational projects between Kazakhstan and France.



Aigerim's journey as a musician and producer is a testament to the power of music in uniting cultures. With her masterful performances and passion, she continues to weave a harmonious tapestry of musical traditions in the heart of Paris and beyond.


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