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Aigerim is a musician and producer based in Paris who is on a mission to celebrate and share the rich heritage of traditional music with the world.  

Mastering ancient instruments such as the kobyz, zhetygen, saz-syrnay, and shan-kobyz, she weaves captivating melodies that transcend time while skillfully blending the essence of traditional, classical, and modern music.  


From solo performances to collaborative ventures in jazz and fusion, Aigerim's diverse repertoire showcases her versatility and passion.  


Her dedication has earned her recognition in national and international competitions. Aigerim was recognized as one of the top musician-entrepreneurs in France in 2022 – she the recipient of the #PrixLNO award in the "J'explore" category (#10under30).  


Through her production company, she promotes cultural exchange between Central Asia and Europe, leaving a mark as a bridge between cultures and an ambassador of her heritage.